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Initial Consultation level 1 / introductory session: 1 hour     

Initial Consultation level 2 /introductory session : 1 and a 1/2 hour

Healing Health touch / Advanced Bowen

Master healing - Ancient Healing Arts


Gift Vouchers: 

Coaching on following topics/issues or combination there of: 

Health and well being
~ Food as Medicine
~ Weight solutions
~ Releasing FOOD and other addictions and realigning to your      true self
~ From Addictions to freedom
~ from Loss and grief to joy and flow
~ From Anger (resentfulness, sadness, ... you name it) to inner peace
~ Releasing core wounds and blockages
~ From cluttered mind to freedom and inner peace with mindfulness

Relationships … healing ~ releasing old ways of conditional love .. for new ones in unconditional       love, forgiveness and open communications ~ Spiritual True connections ~ Unconditional love,           heart mates /twin flames, and more.

Ascension work. Post change (after Summer Solstice 2017 northern hemisphere (Winter solstice         southern)) Balancing the amazing vibrations.

Initial Consultation level 1 / introductory session: 1 hour     (LINKS coming SOON)

Initial Consultation level 2 /introductory session : 1 and a 1/2 hours

Obviously in one session we are time limited, and will only highlight some things and give a basic overview, as well as suggest how we can best help you achieve your desired outcome/ long term goal,

Once you have book and paid for an introductory session, we then e-mail you … 4. PDF’s 
All of which you need to print out, and fill in Then return them to us as soon as possible, at least 72 hours before your session.

These enable us to get a holistic working knowledge of your current health and well being as well as seeing what you want to achieve/ your ultimate goal, before your one to one, in person or on skype

The PDF’s are:  Questions relating to your, expectations, wants and desires, regarding what you wish to achieve with working with us. Health / lifestyle check and basic information

This helps clarify the main issues, and how and where you requite the most help/support.

Our packages/courses,books,sessions,consultations are set up to empower  you to get your own “healing from the inside out” up and running towards your optimum health and well being. 

Level 1 Course/ Package                            (LINKS coming SOON)

Level 2 Course Package   

Appointments by phone, online (skype), in person and/or classes and groups:

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