Holistic Emotional Health and well being coaching.
(we have some FREE half hour intro sessions available details below)

Using our wisdom, skills and expertise in coaching, consulting, mentoring, teaching, or scientific and spiritually intuitive advise and more, to support you on your journey.

In our Coaching  we give you intuitive advice specifically tailored for your unique life-circumstances, and train you how to support, promote, encourage, respect, appreciate, heal and value yourself. 

Do you want to know how to get the healing and Joy flowing, in your body, mind, heart and spirit, in Your complete You again? 

Do you want to know how you can reactivate your inner Pharmacy again?

We can show you how do this by working consciously, physically, emotionally on allowing changes that are in alignment with your original cellular blueprint. 

Every cell in your body remembers the Divine (superhuman, original) Blueprint, and every cell has the memory of the whole.(cellular memory and interconnection science, epigenetics) 

We can support you in finding your inner, natural state of health, wealth and well being, your true potential and purpose of life again!

We see you in a holistic way as a multidimensional ( thoughts, feelings, emotions) spiritual being that is inhabiting a physical body.

Imbalances like Dis-EASE are just a messenger to show the contrast to the EASE that is your birth right in body, mind, spirit. 

We know our bodies have the ability to heal anything, but to do that, we must support our bodies and treat them with respect, as well as give ourselves what it is that we need to heal, and not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. 

Do you want to know how to untie yourself from all the self created and handed down knots and malware of the Human Drama, and how to leave the learnt behaviour of fear-based, painful realities ?

If you want to know how to balance your physical, emotional, mental & Spiritual body and how to get back to alignment, then we have the right solutions for you. 

Coaching One to One (and/or groups):

You want to know how to let go, how to expand inner joy and being PRESENT Here and Now,in the Moment?

Personalised just to you, by Marianne and /or Andreas to help in identifying and finding the easiest and best solutions for you.~ Connecting to your own inner healer and activating your own inner pharmacy 

By being solution detectives, and nerds about science, healing, health, truth, and getting the right information to be able to heal we have come up with Holistically Happy Solutions for the following & more : 

  • Mindful Awareness & Heart Consciousness
  • Life Style Design versus Life style diseases
  • Health & Life Style Design
  • Energy Medicine & Co-Creating Miracles
  • Detox your Life
  • Food as medicine
  • Weight Solutions
  • "Survival training" in the health, food & wellness jungle

As well as:

  •  Trauma and recovery
  •  Releasing FOOD and other addictions and realigning to your      true self
  •  From Addictions to freedom (including food and food like products)
  •  from Loss and grief to joy and flow
  •  From Anger (resentfulness, sadness, ... you name it) to inner peace
  •  Releasing core wounds and blockages
  •  From cluttered mind to freedom and inner peace with mindfulness

  •  Relationships … healing ~ releasing old ways of conditional love .. for new ones in unconditional       love, forgiveness and open communications ~ Spiritual True connections ~ Unconditional love,           heart mates /twin flames, and more.

  •  Ascension work. Post change (after Summer Solstice 2017 northern hemisphere (Winter solstice         southern)) Balancing the amazing vibrations.
  •  orbs the real and the manipulated
  •  Intuitive discernment ~ becoming your very own "lie detector"

To book sessions with Marianne or Andreas : ….

For Coaching / mentoring ~ Personalised just for you, by Marianne and /or Andreas to help in identifying and finding the easiest and best solutions for you


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We mainly work on skype/FaceTime it is what fits in the best with a worldwide clientèle

We can also work In person /hands on

We have some FREE half hour intro sessions available.
If you would like -  we could find a time that works for you ?

If not for yourself, then you might know someone who could benefit greatly from what we do.

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We look forward to knowing you and sharing part of the journey to thriving with you.

With Love & Respect
Marianne & Andreas

Email, to make an appointment or for more information :  
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