Food as Medicine

Food as medicine (we have some FREE half hour intro sessions available details below)Holistic Nutritional Health and well being mentoring/ Coaching with Andreas and/or Marianne

Connecting to your own inner healer and activating your own inner pharmacy. Personalised just to you, Andreas help in identifying and finding the easiest and best solutions for you

You are the creator of YOUR own LIFE. You can start with your food 

The Vibrational Balance of your body's DNA, Mental calmness, Emotional Peace, Spiritual Well being Can be balanced and re-harmonised in many ways.

Marianne as a Fully Qualified Nutritionist and Andreas as a Food as Medicine Expert, Ayurvedic Cook /Chef, and with extensive knowledge of Food, Herbs,Spices, Homoeopathy, Flower and gem Essences, Aromatherapy, can help you to show you the joyful way to REAL food as well as to find out the DO's and DONT's of Food-Additives, Chemicals / petrochemicals in your food and home.

Don't be frightened of Health Truths, just breath, trust your gut-sense and intuition and do your own research to find the healthiest and best choice for you!

We can help you Release what harms you, negotiate the MINE FIELD of deceit, and Embrace what will bring you HEALING and WELL BEING, and Rebalance your LIFE !

You want to learn how to change fear based, behavioural eating patterns into healthier choices??,

You want to replace food-cravings, food-addictions with healthy, conscious choices?

You want to truly step into your POWER, and make long-term lifestyle changes?

We can show you how to live a LIFE with JOY, laughter while eating your way to Health

One Step at a time we can support you to make healthier choices.

You want to detox your life ?

We are Experts and can show you how: Emotionally, mentally, physically.

Marianne is a certified holistic Nutritionist and Andreas is Health-Activist, Food Expert and Mindfulness Mentor and hold a Diploma that includes the field of Rehabilitation and Health an amazing and deeply knowledgeable Ayurvedic cook.

Healthy food does not have to taste like cardboard, it can be FUN and JOY in every way.

You want to make beneficial, essential, long lasting Life Style Changes, removing the Dis- so you can live with -EASE ?

We have both personally with ourselves, and repeatedly with others had proof of how these changes from within changes everything. Proof how making healthy choices for what we put in to and on our beautiful bodies can CURE anything, HEAL anything, and renew us from the inside out.

You can :

- become knowledgeable about what is damaging to your health as well as what is beneficial,

- learn how to no longer accepting or buying into fear-based advertising-propaganda,

- becoming aware of the corruption of the food-, pharmaceutical-, agricultural, petrochemical industry and

how to avoid toxins and cancerogenes in processed food, health products, body care products, and more, that can accumulate toxins in your body.

It is essential for our long-term health to be aware of the composition of everything we ingest, digest and apply to our precious bodies.

As well as one to one's, we offer Seminars:


Taking RESPONSIBILITY for Ourselves, our Health, our Environment !

Relearning skills that can set us FREE.

How to grow your own food and medicine, even if its just in a small window box in the city,.

Shaking up and out all lower vibrations and choosing LOVE not fear and TAKING OUR POWER BACK !

With our extensive knowledge on all of this and so much more we can help you get to grips with all of this and more with Ease !

Contact us, tell us what you need, and we can tailor the right package for you, One to one, group/ seminar.

Marianne & Andreas

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We have some FREE half hour intro sessions available.
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If not for yourself, then you might know someone who could benefit greatly from what we do.

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We look forward to knowing you and sharing part of the journey to thriving with you.

With Love & Respect
Marianne & Andreas

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