Mindful Awareness in Life Design


for Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit

Have you ever made a wish for, or been looking for 
clarity and life changing solutions ?

Then WELCOME. Now you have found the right place.

How Holistically Happy Solutions work:

  • We work Holistically, we want you to be Happy, Feel Good & have Solutions that support your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual well being 
  • Using our experience, knowledge, skills and expertise in coaching, consulting, mentoring, teaching, or scientific and spiritually intuitive advise and more, to support you on your journey. 

Why (and how) does it work

  • Your body is designed for perfect health extended lifespans and deep intuition . You are born to have vibrancy and vitality, it is a part of the codes within/ the DNA. 
  • Core healing from the inside out is about rebuilding, remembering and recreating the right balance. 
  • We have the tools and want to share them with you, for the transformation of the source code/ the DNA and have been working with this for over 20 years. 

  • We want to share this with you, because we want you to be pain FREE and free of unhealthy stress, and to live extraordinary healthy lives. 

What / Whom does it work for /with ...

  • Do you suffer from: Stress, aches, pain, anxiety, depression, low energy, weight/health issues, any "dis" in the EASE – labelled or not ? 
  • We know how it feels to struggle and even to "believe" the "dooming" diagnosis of "incurable life style diseases" (including cancer and "mystery diseases"). Amazingly we found our own solutions. 
  • Healing ourselves from autoimmune diseases, mystery illnesses, thyroid issues , even astonishing the doctors by healing torn ligaments, at speeds they had never seen before. 

Holistically Happy Solutions, is an exceptional fusion 
of scientific evidence and ancient sacred knowledge. 

How our solutions can work for you:

Holistically Happy Solutions and Mindful Awareness in Life design can help you with: Physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well being.

Support you in discovering:
  • Your ideal shape. 
  • Your strength.
  • Your peace of mind. 
  • Your wealth.
  • Your health.
  • Your true self.
  • Your self value.
  • Your Sacred space (inner and outer (self and environment)).
  • Your body's natural healing abilities. 

Once you have discovered ........

  • Life Style Design with our Holistically Happy Solutions can easily help you keep it 
  • Connecting to your own inner healer and activating your own inner pharmacy. 

Why we are experts?

Do you want you to enjoy the wealth of good health.
We did, we have more vitality feel better and look younger than we ever did, and we love to show you how to do that for you.

"All we share with you, worked brilliantly for us, and for many others too, which is why we know there is individual solutions for everyone"

We are experts, have written books and have over decades conducted in-depth research of the latest scientific evidence, as well as having become adepts in ancient sacred teachings, knowledge and wisdom.

Through the years we have had the solutions to help many.

It is amazing to see how fast everything balances and heals, when someone wants to and is willing to do what it takes (even if that is just allowing it), and then actively participating in their own healing, health and well being.

We are blessed to have been a part of many a healing journeys, and had a parts in everything from cancer through to fibromyalgia, gum bleeding and dental issues and other life style diseases clearing up.

Blessed to have been a part of many healing journeys, which resulted in a new amazing wealth of health, vibrancy and vitality.

This feeling of vibrancy and vitality is often astonishingly magical to many, as it is a pure feeling of well being than they have not felt since their much younger years.

We are solution experts and detectives, having over decades conducted in-depth research of the latest scientific evidence, as well as having become adepts in ancient sacred teachings knowledge and wisdom. 

(To book an appointment & For more information please e-mail us at: heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com

Book appointments as: One to one, in person or on skype/facetime.

Full consultations Set & Tailor made/Bespoke solutions / programmes available or Courses, groups & seminars.)

We are experts and way showers in the following areas:

Using our wisdom, skills and expertise in coaching, consulting, mentoring, teaching, or scientific and spiritually intuitive advise and more, to support you on your journey.

  • Holistically Happy Solutions 
  • Emotional Health Coaching. Feeling good, feeling great and keeping it
  • distant healing with personalised guided visualisation/shamanic voyage sessions

Our programmes, coaching/courses:

What else do we have to offer?

As well as:

  • Trauma and recovery
  • Releasing FOOD and other addictions and realigning to your true self 
  • From Addictions to freedom 
  • from Loss and grief to joy and flow 
  • From Anger (resentfulness, sadness, ... you name it) to inner peace 
  • Releasing core wounds and blockages 
  • From cluttered mind to freedom and inner peace with Mindful Awareness 
  • Relationships … healing ~ releasing old ways of conditional love .. for new ones in unconditional love, forgiveness and open communications ~ Spiritual True connections ~ Unconditional love, heart mates /twin flames, and more. 
  • Ascension work. 
  • Law of attraction / natural laws
  • orbs the real and the manipulated 
  • Intuitive discernment ~ becoming your very own "lie detector"

So can we work with you ? 

To give you the keys to a cutting edge life /health transformation: We have a small application process, to get a feel of your goals and wished for results, for you. 

This helps both you and us to find out if we are a match: 

  • Are you committed to long term lifestyle changes, but don't know how to start, or how to stay committed without struggle?
  • Are you wanting to live a joyful, long & healthy life?

Then we can offer you the keys to a cutting edge health transformation of body, heart, mind and spirit, and sharing our own success stories of healing.

  • We invite you to investment in your brilliance and optimal shine.
  • To invest in your health and in your well being
  • Transform your life & be inspired and empowered

To book sessions with Marianne or Andreas : ….

For Coaching, consulting, mentoring, scientific & spiritually intuitive advice.

With one of our programmes, or personalised just for you, by Marianne and /or Andreas: To help in identifying and finding the easiest and best solutions for you

or  Healing Health Touch (hands on)
  • In person 
  • On skype/facetime 
  • Distance healing /distant healing with personalised guided visualisation/shamanic voyage sessions

Please feel free to 
Contact us:

We look forward to knowing you and sharing part of the journey to thriving with you.

With Love & Grace
Marianne & Andreas
(Maisen & Andy)

Email, to make an appointment or for more information : heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com

& we will be happy to send your our telephone number for enquiries.

(We do not publish our phone numbers on our web page as this seems to generate unsolicited sales and marketing calls. For the same reason we keep all your contact details (e-mail etc.), that you share with us at heart Cloud Coaching confidential.)

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