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We are here to live to be whole and live with self respect in our own power

We are here to live to be whole and live with self respect, self-respectfully in our own power which is love - unconditionally and compassionately . We are here to live, not the opposite, which is not to live – evil which is live read/spelt backwards – now is that just a word game or manipulation of energy, a trick in the game of Power Over Others (POO) for self limitations. The evil on this planet, are the lies, the manipulations that has people in fear and thus not living nor owning their own power. Look at the word live - mirror it, and it is - evil - which equates with "fear" - this is the main manipulation in the very dark - "black magic" power game / vampirism, if that is what you choose to call it, the fear and competition based  POO "Power Over Other" Games. The biggest trick is that there is only free will / the personal choice of where and with what you place your power . Do you give your power away to the manipulations of fearmongering and othe