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Feeling at home with your emotions, in your body

They say your home is your castle. I say your bodies are. Yes bodies, physical, emotional and mental, as well as spiritual. Most people spend a lot of attention to getting their surroundings to look good, to be right, be styled in the right way.  All to feel propperly at home in their home.  A lot of people do similar things to and with their bodies. Yet however they look they are never happy.  Not happy within their own skin.  You, your body is your castle and your job is just to enjoy it. It is designed for wellness. It's about realigning to it. Having cured myself from MS, thyroid issues, and many years of constant and severe pain, that I was told was not just uncurable and permanent, in my "young" life, but would get a lot worse.  A dooming prognosis at aged 23. The "judges" got my middle finger (in respect for myself) when I realised that they knew nothing of healing and wellbeing. They only knew about the chemical warfare  that "modern" pharmasui