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How Why What & Who does it work for

(we have some FREE half hour intro sessions available details below)
How Holistically Happy Solutions work:
  • We work Holistically, we want you to be Happy, Feel Good & have Solutions that support your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual well being 
  • Using our experience, knowledge, skills and expertise in coaching, consulting, mentoring, teaching or scientific and spiritually intuitive advise and more, to support you on your journey. 
We are solution orientatedand have come to realise that there are always many solutions to any issues. Always far more solutions, than there are problems.

Holistically Happy Solutions, is an exceptional fusion of scientific evidence and ancient sacred knowledge.

Why (and how) does it work:

  • Your body is designed for perfect health extended lifespans and deep intuition. 
  • You are born to have vibrancy and vitality, it is a part of the codes within/ the DNA. 
  • Core healing from the inside out is about rebuilding, remembering and recreating the right balance. 
  • We have the tools and want to share them with you, for the transformation of the source code/ the DNA and have been working with this for over 30 years. From the experience of this, we know that everyone, everything and anything can have wellness, or return to Wellness!
  • We want to share this with you, because we want you to be pain FREE and FREE of unhealthy stress, and to live extraordinary healthy lives. 
  • This all functions whether the issue is in the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body or even the spiritual energy body around us. Your physical, emotional and mental bodies are all designed for health and wellbeing.

What / Whom does it work for /with ...

  • If you want to design/redesign your life, your health, your wealth.
  • If you just want some clarity.
  • If you know something isn't right, but you don't know what exactly.
  • If you want to improve your awareness.
  • If you want to deepen your inner guidance and abilities of discernment. Communicate with, and listen to you body's whispers so that it never has to shout at you with pain again. 
  • If you want to get to know your gut sense. In the physical way, of why it can keep you healthy and how to do that. As well as more awareness and trust in your gut senses ability to let you know the rights and wrongs of things (financial market traders are renowned for having a gut sense) 
  • If you want simple solutions to EASE and WELLNESS.
  • If you suffer from:Stress or any aches, pain, anxiety, depression, low energy, weight/health issues, any "dis" in the EASE – labelled or not ? Lifestyle diseases or mystery illnesses.
  • If you have been given "labels" and you do not know what to do. We know how it feels to struggle and even to "believe" the "dooming" diagnosis of "incurable life style diseases" (including cancer, MS, Thyroid issues and "mystery diseases"). 
After many years of research, amazingly we found our own solutions. Finding solutions and ease in wellness, after healing ourselves from autoimmune diseases, mystery illnesses, thyroid issues, even astonishing the doctors by healing torn ligaments, at speeds they had never seen before.  
  • We would love to share those solutions with you. 

Let us start by picking the focus that works best for you / will give you the most benefits, right now, like: Our programmes, coaching/courses:     (links below)

Empowerment for your ~ Health & Lifestyle Design / Holistically Happy Solutions
Empowerment through ~ Mindful Awareness
  • Empowered Awareness in Life Design
  • Empowered Awareness & Heart Consciousness 
  • Energy Medicine & Co-Creating Miracles 
What else do we have to offer?
  • Healing Health Touch  – Therapy - postural alignments for the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
  • Flower Essences and the understanding of how vibrational medicine can work.
As well as, or including in the above we often deal with:
  • Disharmony to Harmony  - in the self, home and / or office
  • Getting past trauma and recovery to wellness.
  • Releasing FOOD and other addictions and realigning to your true self 
  • From addictions to freedom 
  • From loss and grief to joy and new flow of life. 
  • From anger (resentfulness, sadness, ... you name it) to inner peace 
  • Releasing core wounds and blockages 
  • From cluttered mind to freedom and inner peace with Mindful Awareness 
  • Mindful Awareness and exercises, physical exercise, mental exercise, EMOTIONAL exercise and more.
  • Relationships … healing/ WELLNESS  ~ releasing old ways of conditional love .. replacing with new ones of unconditional love. Forgiveness of self and others. ~ Open communications ~ APPRECIATION ~ Spiritual True connections ~ Unconditional love, heart mates /twin flames, What's REAL and more. ~ Dropping the "drama" and old fear based patterns beliefs. ~ & How you really can have it ALL.
  • Law of attraction / natural laws
  • Ascension work. We're in the midst of it. Time to drop the drama and disinformation that keeps you giving your power away, that suffering/ negative (heavy) symptoms, like: Heaviness, and aches, pains, flu and so on, is in any way part of it. It is NOT. Its a path of ease and wellbeing in rising vibrations, lighter (as a feather, not light bulb/shine) vibrations, a space of holding your own power
  • Orbs ~ the real and the manipulated (how to know the difference) 
  • Intuitive discernment ~ becoming your very own "lie detector" 

So can we work with you ? 

To give you the keys to a cutting edge life /health transformation:

We have a simple application process, to get a feel of your goals and wished for results, for you. 

+ you take complete responsibility for yourself. 

This helps both you and us to find out if we are a match: 

  • Are you committed to long term lifestyle changes, but don't know how to start, or how to stay committed without struggle?
  • Are you interested in solutions?
  • Are you wanting to live a joyful, long & healthy life?
Then we can offer you the keys to a cutting edge health transformation of body, heart, mind and spirit, and sharing our own success stories of healing.

We can then support you in taking that into the greatest freedom, wealth, health, +, you can imagine. 

We invite you to investment in your wealth, in your brilliance and optimal shine. 

To invest in your health and in your well being
Transform your life & be inspired and empowered

The sessions and ongoing support (coaching) with us is very powerful and deeply transformational.  

You, are always seen as an individual, physical and spiritual being, the work we do together is meant to meet your individual mental, emotional and spiritual core of being and this will be in every session a unique experience.

We are solution oriented and not problem orientated.

For Solution sessions with Marianne and/or Andreas :

Coaching, consulting, mentoring, scientific & spiritually intuitive advice. 
One to one, in person or on skype/FaceTime it is what fits in the best with a worldwide clientèle.

For some of our business clients this means taking our courses/seminars to your space and your employees. 

Full consultations Set and Tailor made/Bespoke solutions / programmes available or Courses, groups & seminars.  Email, to make an appointment or for more information :

We have some FREE half hour intro sessions available.
If you would like -  we could find a time that works for you ?

If not for yourself, then you might know someone who could benefit greatly from what we do.

Please feel free to Contact us: e-mail: 
or use the contact link in the sidebar.

We look forward to knowing you and sharing part of the journey to thriving with you.

With Love & Respect
Marianne & Andreas

Email to make an appointment or for more information :
or use the contact form in the sidebar.