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Weight Solutions

First: It is NOT your fault !
 Weight gain is NOT mainly physical

I'm Marianne, at the biggest was at least 34 stone/ 216 KG / 476.2 pounds - I have lost around 20 stone / 127 KG / 280 pounds with no effort, only joy and ease. 

Good news the weight is still coming off, and it is staying off, 100% naturally, sustainably and permanently. My body / bodies has regained a natural balance with Empowered Awareness and Health Sovereignty! 

We have supported many to find that same precious balance.

Long term weight loss maintenance / keeping weight balanced for life after weight loss is something only 0.3% of people are able to achieve with all the diets and tools out there in "mainstream land".


Extreme weight loss and KEEPING it off. This is my / Marianne's great beneficial long term and lasting "side effect" - "effect" of living a life with our beautiful easy joyful health and wellbeing solutions. 

Solutions that enhances the joy and sweetness of life in every way.


Marianne and Andreas have both healed themselves from autoimmune diseases (including cancer, MS, Thyroid issues and "mystery diseases"), so are aware of the stress that any dis - ease can cause in life. As well as supported countless others to do the same for themselves.

"We know how it feels to struggle and even to "believe" the "dooming" diagnosis of "incurable life style diseases". More importantly we know that there are solutions and that wellness is everyone's natural state. 

Weight gain can have solely psychosomatic reasons and STRESS related reasons. 

The setting or place where this happens is created by the circumstances of our socialisation, education, upbringing, our believe-system and the social environment that we call in general our "Family", a place that is supposed to be a save haven. 

This safe haven we are taught, given the programme of, from those that held the belief system before us, that doctors, consultants, healthcare providers supposedly also fit into. 

The fact is that they do not, most people have had the experience with modern medical doctors of not being believed, of having to fight a long uphill battle to be heard and understood in the hope of finding a little support to find a good solution and regain their good health and wellbeing. 

Good health and wellbeing is our bodies natural state, so this should not be rocket science. It should be a given.

There is also the harm that is caused by processed and over poisoned foods, environmental, medical and other products. These harmful toxicities cause stress and trauma to our bodies, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 


Lets give you Marianne's personal examples:
For Marianne who's weight more than doubles in less than 6 months, even becoming a qualified Nutritionist, with a super healthy diet did not function in loosing that weight again. Nor did going 70% raw vegan for 5 years, shift any weight, in fact it made it worse.

Neither did a 3 year intensive yoga teacher training course..

The armour that came on, her body, armour that more than doubled her size/weight in 6 months remained. She found this both shocking and horrifying, as she had always been fairly fit, cycled, skated and skied when ever she could, as well as using the gym and swimming regularly. 

The extra weight, extreme pain and other issues were extremely debilitating, she was told by doctors "who did not believe her" (which made things worse), not to do certain things. 

She later ended up becoming an expert and knowing a lot more than these doctors and consultants who were limited to studies funded by pharmaceutical companies. 

This corruption is now noticed and many doctors do their utmost to release themselves and their patients from the lower vibrational energies of this disinformation. 

Marianne and Andreas now work in harmony with this beautiful new breed of doctors. 

2018 and also allowing myself to
love my natural hair colour.

Still a little more to balance fully,but its still going
with home made CHOCOLATE every day ♡

Not to mention the FREEDOM of that.
Now that's a beautiful story of
transformation all on its own.

Weight gain is NOT mainly physical

A couple of years ago,with about half the weight off.

However still in the illusion, false belief that
I had to colour my hair, for it to look good.

Even though I never liked it myself that way, society's notions

Stepping back to nature - is immensely freeing.

WHY, because from personal experience, having believed myself extremely allergic, and reacting badly to all from gluten (I thought at the time) through milk+ more,as well as man made chemicals in detergents and house + body products. 

A life time of depriving myself with products and "diets" that did not work. I was taken to weight -watching from the age of 8, even though I never needed any of that. there was nothing wrong with me. 

It was the neuroses of others damaged and damaging "belief" systems, fear based patterns and programming that perpetuate untruths and damaging behaviours. All of which cause dis-harmony, pain and dis-"easy". 

It is supposed to be easy. Ones bodies, the DNA, has all the answers to perfect health, wealth and wellbeing are available. One just has to (re-)learn how to access the information and put it into practice.

No comment necessary for this one you might say - but major stresses in my life, severe reactions to foods and environmental toxins,GMO's and more.

More than doubled my bodyweight in less than 6 months while hardly being able to keep food down.

Yet blowing up like a balloon.

Going 70% raw vegan to make it better, made it worse as I had severe reactions to soya, yet I could not see that I swelled out as I was already so swollen

At my biggest I was 34 stone / 216 KG /476.2 pounds

Compassion ! 

I had the most amazing compliment recently: "That's not normal", was thrown out there in a conversation. 

To my "What's not normal?" I was told "Your compassion !" 

(I'll save you from the long version, as it had to be repeated "oh a mere 3,5 times +++" along with an inner movie of my life. (No we don't have to wait until we pop our clogs and become our full selves again, to have a life review. ( but that’s a different topic ))). 

Forgiveness that's one thing, but real compassion for oneself and for others, now that a whole other dimension altogether. 

The freedom of encompassing compassion fully is beyond words. 

I probably have more reason than most not to choose compassion. 

  • Raped by a Doctor age 4. (My mother told me that we must not tell anyone about this. She then locked me in the bedroom while herself storming through the house screaming at my father and brother that the child was ruined).
  • 40 years later I finally walked away from the familiar slavery 

  • 40 + years of abuse, the labels of "familiar slavery" as well the "Stockholm syndrome" fit perfectly. I was subconsciously allowing all these "old drama" patterns (addiction /co-addiction and the victim /abuse cycles), seeing them as "normal", due to the “learnt” behavioural programming, patterns and belief systems, of my early years. 

  • Programming enhanced by an "extreme" religions upbringing that was used to have me fit in the box marked compliant, staying meek, gentle, kind and always “forgiving”. Used for continued silence, and to keep giving power away to the aggressors, the "in charge", to those that "supposedly" knew more and better. 

The real trauma was living under the influence of unrecognised "fear based malware " of the ongoing silence and pretence to maintain a perfect façade by the supposed adults/ authorities in my life.

Fear based malware issues, the inner corruption, can be seen not just in the small “family” unit, but in society at large (politics, medicines, education – anywhere there is “bureaucracy” its relatively ripe) and it gives ones power to there others. 

As we free ourselves, we free the world.

This kind of underlying malware, is also the reason why so many say that the “the Law of Attraction” does not work for them. 

Our aim is to share the solutions, so that the struggles can be over for you too. 


The massive weight gain in such a short time, was simply my body creating ARMOUR, in a very big way.

You could say I had allergic reactions to peoples behaviour !

The energy debris from others can be especially troublesome for sensitive/empathic people. ENERGY BLOCKAGES can take many forms, and our bodies reactions to them can appear as pain, discomfort and illnesses.

I was simply reacting  to some peoples behaviour, but did not understand that, nor my body's reactions at the time !

Allergies are an overreacting immune-system. It is your body's way of showing you in a clear language that something is wrong, and has to be changed.

Step at the time there has been many steps to freedom, to health, to wealth and to happiness.


The POWER to have this FREEDOM, of health, of wealth and of joy.

Sometimes one just need a little help and support on the way.

If you want help in the process : This is why we do what we do .. It is always a pleasure to support someone to wellness and watch them soar.

Can we work with you ? 

To give you the keys to a cutting edge life /health transformation: 

We have a small application process, to get a feel of your goals and wished for results, for you. 

This helps both you and us to find out if we are a match: 

  • Are you committed to long term lifestyle changes, but don't know how to start, or how to stay committed without struggle?
  • Are you wanting to live a joyful, long & healthy life?

Then we can offer you the keys to a cutting edge health transformation of body, heart, mind and spirit, and sharing our own success stories of healing.

We invite you to:

  • Investment in your brilliance and optimal shine.
  • To invest in your health and in your well being
  • Transform your life & be inspired and empowered

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With Love & Respect
Marianne & Andreas