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Energy Medicine & Co-Creating Miracles

Energy Medicine & Co-Creating Miracles

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First: There is nothing “wrong” with you. 

Your body and your senses are inherently wise. You have the power already. We empower, support and encourage you to find your way back to yourself, your true self. Supporting you to activate your health GPS, your innate truth'ing abilities and other senses, including aware communications with your own body, amongst much more.

  • You take complete responsibility for yourself.
  • You want to live a joyful, long and healthy life
  • You are the healer, we show you how to activate and be your own highly tunes health GPS.

You are your own Guru. You are the very best expert on you. We show you how to unlearn, relearn and really get to know your powers, your senses, your inner GPS and your extremely powerful truth'ing abilities and much more


To book sessions with Marianne or Andreas:
Email, to make an appointment or for more information

 We work:
  • In person ~ over coffee or a consultation / session can be as an Empowered Awareness walk (+ travel and accommodation expenses)
  • Online with: Skype / FaceTime / Telegram)
  • Worldwide If you would like - we could find a time that works for you ?
We look forward to knowing you and sharing part of the journey to thriving with you.

With Love & Respect
Marianne & Andreas
What our clients say  -  "Grace: “ What ever it is what you both are doing you have to bottle it up, because I feel so much better already.
"Gerald(ine): "This feeling of vibrancy and vitality is astonishingly magical. Its a feeling of pure wellbeing. Thank you Darlings you changed my life.”
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