Hello and Welcome. 
We are Marianne and Andreas Natural health & Wellbeing Experts. Co-Founders of Heart Cloud Consultants™

We have 30+ years of in depth scientific research behind us. 

We have also discovered the magic of unconditional love, respect and compassion, our passion is to share how easy true wellbeing and ease in body, heart, mind and life can be.

We believe that Honour and Integrity starts with oneself, and being the living example, is the only real way to help/support others to rise, to choose higher energy and better vibrations, better health and wellbeing for themselves 

Solution Experts & Wellness Facilitators

Marianne Teksnes
  • Experts in Sustainable Natural Health Wellbeing and Regeneration
  • Scientific Researchers 
  • Holistic Emotional Health & Mindful Awareness Advisors / Consultants ~  Coaches/Teachers & Business Consultants 
  • Food. Nutrition. Healing. Wellbeing & Science nerds 
  • Masters of Ancient Healing Arts & Sciences 
  • Authors & Photographers 

Creators of: 

  • Holistically Happy Solutions™ 
  • Mindful Awareness in Life design™ 
  • Healing Health Touch™
Andreas Antero Ahrens
M.A.SC      DIPL.S.P

We have A GREAT PASSION for the WEALTH that IS GOOD HEALTH +  the prevention and reversal of Lifestyle disease

Life long researchers we combine cutting edge science with 30+ years of professional and personal experience, in simple solutions that gives real depth of understanding into how to easily enjoy the best of sustainable and regenerative health.

We were very fed up with shallow, often misleading information, fearmongering and sad excuses for addictive behaviours, in news, advertising, by peers that focus only on what is wrong with you, your body, skin, size, life. Enhanced by all the limiting labels and fake, selfie, facades, that increase fear, stress, and anxiety

Emotional Life Quality is scientifically proven to be extremely important to health and wellbeing, in fact there is independent science to everything of value for true health and happiness in natural and empowering ways these days.

We have combined cutting edge and ancient science with 20+ years of professional experience and created our Holistically Happy Solutions and Mindful Awareness in life design programmes, which helped, auto immune labels, constant pain, allergies, extreme reactions and stress vanish

Food and life is joy and we feel better than ever.

That level of Rejuvenation, and lasting effects, is priceless

In this respect we advice you, on what you, can do, right, for you, to flourish. 

Setting you free, to feel, so free, that you fully own your own health, wellbeing and self worth. 

WE are living it, so you can too!

Some amusing facts about us:

1: WE find 4 petalled clovers pretty much daily, due to our Heart-full Awareness life choices. As we let you into our lives, we will share the joys and the wisdom's of this and much more. (Support you in finding your own versions of heart clouds and clovers : ) that show you when you are fully in alignment, and how to trust that.)
(You can check out some of our Four petalled clovers on Pinterest @heartcloudcoach

2: We have fun taking pictures of light and orbs. Orbs are merely focused energy, like everything in the universe is energy. However a lot of this light photography is connected to the angle of the lense, especially with what is termed rainbow light and purple rays. This however does not detract from the beauty, nor from the true integer connections. 

Our eyes, also have lenses, and a lot of this light is very much like what it is like to see auras. 

Absolutely everyone can get lights in their photos if they want to, Play with it yourselves. 

Also there is both real and fake out there. Please use your discernment so that you do not get tricked into or bye into something that has you giving your energy/your power away.

3: We named our company HEART CLOUD, because we both at the time we met literally felt encircled by heart-shaped clouds in the sky above us. In fact the heart clouds are regular in our lives and we still sometimes photographed them.

However we also decided on Heart Cloud, as our human physical and energetic hearts are very much like the modern “Cloud-storages” for computing and mobile devises:

Our Hearts are immensely powerful and can store knowledge that comes straight from a source/ that sends it out from an other space-time continuum. 

As well as the Heart- Cloud (mind) connection of course.

Additionally the human heart has much more measurable powerful electromagnetic energies than the brain. 

Please feel free to let your hearts in alignment with your brains do their own research on this ample and important topic of science. (for example the “Heart-Math institute”)

Our backgrounds also hold: 

Nutrition and Design, as well as Social Science and Medicine.
Including 30+ years of nutritional, scientific and psychological research between us.

as well as: Kundalini Yoga / Hatha Yoga Teacher/ Practitioners, utilising Medical CHI Kung as well as Karuna and Usui Reiki Masters, Martial arts and MEDITATION- Techniques + much more.

For more about each of us individually: Marianne ~ Andreas 

The sessions and ongoing support (coaching) with us is very powerful and deeply transformational.

YOU, are always seen as an individual, physical and spiritual being, the work we do together is meant to meet your individual mental, emotional and spiritual core of being and this will be in every session a unique experience.

We have some FREE half hour intro sessions available.
If you would like -  we could find a time that works for you ?

If not for yourself, then you might know someone who could benefit greatly from what we do.

Please feel free to Contact us: e-mail: heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com 
or use the contact link in the sidebar.

We look forward to knowing you and sharing part of the journey to thriving with you.

With Love & Respect
Marianne & Andreas

Contact us :  by Email, to make an appointment or for more information :  heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com
or use the contact form in the sidebar.

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