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So this is Christmas - choices - of Love or fear

So this is Christmas Old (fear) and new or well “ancient” (love – the unconditional kind :)) when everything is taken into account ! It’s Christmas eve again - 24th December 2017 – and the old 3D Xmas neurosis is reaching its yearly climax. For someone who has stepped out, and away from all of that mess and on to excellent health, wealth, joy and abundance (me). I have to say that I feel blessed that my partner feels the same, and that we now merely watch it all from as big a distance as possible. Question is: Are you HAPPY ?[/caption] I would like to share some observations, that might interest you. We went for a wander into Bridgnorth yesterday, great walk. We park by the river to get the best parts of the quaint little town in while climbing the hill to high town. On our way up, I made the “joking” remark of: “ Seems there is amass escape from Bridgnorth going on.” The remark made to what seemed like an unusually large crowd of people coming down the hill and

“You-niverse you see…?”

“You-niverse you see…?” Did you ever wonder about the complexity of this high-tech device that you call your physical body ? Have you found yourself often with the thought, that you are only willing to believe in miracles, if you can see them and touch them? Well, obviously we have the tendency to overlook the most apparent facts about our physicality, by not looking as closely as we maybe should do, to become aware of the miracles: The miracle is you and every honest scientist, mystic, spiritual teacher, guru or child will tell you that life itself is a wonder: Your combination and fusion of body-cells, microbes, nerves, electromagnetic signals, consciousness, intelligence is not less multifaceted than the universe. The miracle is you: Your inner universe… You-niverse. Symbiosis is holistic beauty and the evidence that harmony is the pursued natural state of being. Just consider the complexity of your physical body ALONE: Your physical body is co-designed by microb