All information on this website & in our blogs are based on our Views.    Our Experiences .   Our Knowledge.    Our Education     & on LIFE as we have witnessed it, seeing the impossible BE POSSIBLE, witnessing how MIRACLES Blossom from BEing in Personal Power.

However acting upon any advice or suggestions to you, for beneficial life changes we make, is entirely YOUR CHOICE to act upon.

ALL Healing/ Wellness requires that we do our own personal part of the work to heal ourselves, our space and our lives.  Happiness IS YOUR Birthright, but YOU have the Personal Responsibility to use your FREE Will, your CHOICES to ALLOW yourself to LIVE IT !

By Law we have to have a Disclaimer so here it is :

All types and forms of complementary therapies as we offer, are not intended to replace allopathic/traditional medical treatment and care rather that they are intended to work side by side with these treatments. Nor are they intended to replace proper diagnoses and/or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.

No specific results can be guaranteed by the therapist/practitioner/consultant, any guidance given  is for your consideration only.

Please consider that any decisions and choices that are  make as a result of any guidance during these consultation are the legal and personal responsibility of each individual  only, both now and in the future.

Our clients  take full responsibility for understanding and agreeing to the terms as outlined above. Furthermore, our clients accept full responsibility for their own wellbeing and for reporting their physical and psychological health to their own GP/family doctor/consultant.

Terms of Use :

Any and all in formation shared with us, WILL NOT BE SHARED in any way with a third party.

Payments are made through Paypal, so with them paypals terms and conditions apply.

Also please note! ~ as paypal charges us for each transaction, there is a small charge to cover this for any / all  cancellations, but this will  will be no more than £5

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