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Life is amazing – get to know your inner super powers

Life is an amazing thing really, what a journey we take as “souls on this human journey”. All beautifully uniquely different and separate yet all connected in awareness as ONE with all life, all consciousnesses and with Source of all that IS. ONE beautiful magical tapestry of Soul sisters and brothers on an unconditionally loving and compassionate planet, which can only be describes as true magic and miracles. Science has been catching up with a conscious universe for some time now, leaving the old mechanical views and competition based thinking with its pain and suffering as completely obsolete. Life is unconditional love – and it is more than you have ever imagined. As energy rises it becomes clear, that light and shadow is ONE. Energetically this means that lightness and heaviness all comes from ones inner feelings, all your thoughts, from all your choices, all from how you chose to live, be and hold your power, your life, your integrity. It is how one allows ones soul / true self t