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Coaching - Empowered Awareness in Life Design

  • We are solution oriented.

How our solutions can work for you:

Holistically Happy Solutions and Empowered Awareness in Life design can help you with: 
  • Physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well being.
  • & support you in discovering:

Your wealth. Your health. Your true self. Your self VALUE. Your value. Your WORTH. Your peace. Your alive vibrant life. Your body's natural healing abilities. 
Your WELLBEING. Your happiness (mind). Your joy (heart). Your bliss. Your ideal shape. Your strength. Your peace of mind. Your sacred space (inner and outer (self and environment)).

Once you have discovered: Empowered Awareness in Life (Style) Design, and our Holistically Happy Solutions, it is easy to make, keep and love the changes that make life so much better.

Its picking the focus that works best for you right now, like:   

Our programmes (links below) one to one Advice.

Coaching, training and advisory consultations
"Empowered awareness™"
  • These are programmes and tools that have helped us ourselves and endless others to be free from mystery illnesses and auto immune disorders as well as other labels. 

What else do we have to offer?

Healing activation and

  • Healing Health Touch  – Therapy - postural alignments for the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

So can we work with you ? 

To give you the keys to a cutting edge life /health transformation:
You take complete responsibility for yourself.
You want a sovereign life. 

We have an introductory chat, to get a feel of your goals and wished for results, for you. 

This helps both you and us to find out if we are a match
  • Are you committed to long term lifestyle changes, but don't know how to start, or how to stay committed without struggle?
  • Are you interested in solutions?
  • Are you wanting to live a joyful, long & healthy life?
Then we can offer you the keys to a cutting edge health transformation of body, heart, mind and spirit, and sharing our own success stories of healing.

We can then support you in taking that into the greatest freedom, wealth, health, +, you can imagine. 

We invite you to investment in your wealth, in your brilliance and optimal shine. 
  • To invest in your health and in your well being
  • Transform your life & be inspired and empowered

The sessions and ongoing support (coaching) with us is very powerful and deeply transformational.  

You, are always seen as an individual, physical and spiritual being, the work we do together is meant to meet your individual mental, emotional and spiritual core of being and this will be in every session a unique experience.

Book an appointment, or for more information in how to identify the easiest and best solutions for you. 
Please e-mail us at:

We have some FREE half hour intro sessions available.
If you would like -  we could find a time that works for you ?

If not for yourself, then you might know someone who could benefit greatly from what we do.

Please feel free to Contact us: e-mail:   
or use the contact link in the sidebar.

We look forward to knowing you and sharing part of the journey to thriving with you.

With Love & Respect
Marianne & Andreas

What our clients say - "Grace: “ What ever it is what you both are doing you have to bottle it up, because I feel so much better already.
"Gerald(ine): "This feeling of vibrancy and vitality is astonishingly magical. Its a feeling of pure wellbeing. Thank you Darlings you changed my life.”
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Email, to make an appointment or for more information :  
or use the contact form in the sidebar.