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Do you want your health sovereignty ?

How we can support you with health sovereignty. We are not doing it for you, but together with you:   We empower, encourage, inspire and show you the way step by step, how to improve your overall health physically, emotionally , mentally  and spiritually.   We empower you to step into your full power and step away from everything else, that means you are outsourcing your health and wellbeing, your life to lower frequencies. (“Help me, fix it for me, make it go away, kill it, cut it out,..”) Everything else, that is dealing only with your “symptoms, diagnosis, labels, illnesses, mystery- diseases and so on “, is based on reducing your state of being to just physical or mental “conditions”. This feels discouraging and is keeping you trapped in a hamster wheel, revolving door system, that is purposely designed that way (to entrap) : It was designed to live life in fear of your own bodies.     It was designed to disempower.     It was designed with an inbuilt trap that only leaves the ch