Magical scent of rose & the healing of ones senses

Its that #Magical time of year again when #Roses bloom and the most precious #scents fill the air.

Real #aromatherapy for the senses and a wonderful tea too. 

Old #rose varieties have the #blessings of real #perfume in its #natural form. 

The gift of real #scent is something almost indescribable. 

It is truly #magical, the highest and best master piece of #creation in its precious dance with #mother nature. 

Our scense of smell is directly linked to our gut senses as well as our intuition. 

For those who truly wish to enhance their senses, to really experience true inner healing ,first one has to reclaim ones own senses.

 To reclaim our senses we have to get past and weed out the man made and artificial smells all around that cause harm, numbs and blocks one of our most powerful gifts. 

The gift that starts with trusting our own heart and senses, our ways to distinguish beneficial from
harmful in all ways : physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. 

Our bodies have the most amazing healing  capacities. Everything including changeing our own DNA is about awareness and a healthy gut :)