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A cup of LOVE. Fresh Rose Petal tea ~ Magical scent of rose & the healing of ones senses

  A cup of LOVE. Fresh Rose Petal tea, made with organic rose petals from the garden ( keep if organic when bying and picking your own). Add a few rose petals to hot water, let them sit for 5-10 minutes.
- and there you go, the best balancing remedy possible.

Makes it easier to keep the  energies heiger / light as a feather energies.

This particular Beauty is a very old very highly scented variety, she only flowers once. One big WOW and then maybe some little extra blessings, a flower here and there for the rest of the summer.

She makes the most Powerful Rose Flower essence I have ever made / used & shared with others

ROSE to me highlights TRUTH , HONOUR and INTEGRITY
+ what Unconditional LOVE really IS


It is that Magical time of year again when Roses bloom and the most precious scents fill the air.

Real aromatherapy for the senses and a wonderful tea too.

Old rose varieties have the blessing of real perfume in its natural most precious form.

The gift of real scent is something almost indescribable. True magic, the highest and best master piece in nature art and scent. Creation in a precious dance with mother nature, makes just beautiful magic.

Our scense of smell is directly linked to our gut senses as well as our intuition.
So it is important so soround oneself with the best natures unconditional love has to offer.

For those who truly wish to enhance their senses, to really experience true inner healing , one has to reclaim all ones own senses.

To reclaim the senses you have to get past and weed out the man made and artificial smells all around that cause harm and that numbs and blocks one of our most powerful gifts, our present of scent / the olfactory system.

Using this present of life starts with trusting your own heart and senses. You have to find your ways to distinguish between beneficial and
harmful in all ways : physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  This is part of what we teach, and what we live every day ourselves.

Our bodies have the most amazing healing capacities. Everything including changeing our own DNA is about awareness and a healthy wealthy gut :)

Love and Respect