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Life is amazing – get to know your inner super powers

Life is an amazing thing really, what a journey we take as “souls on this human journey”. All beautifully uniquely different and separate yet all connected in awareness as ONE with all life, all consciousnesses and with Source of all that IS.

ONE beautiful magical tapestry of Soul sisters and brothers on an unconditionally loving and compassionate planet, which can only be describes as true magic and miracles.

Science has been catching up with a conscious universe for some time now, leaving the old mechanical views and competition based thinking with its pain and suffering as completely obsolete.

  • Life is unconditional love – and it is more than you have ever imagined.
  • As energy rises it becomes clear, that light and shadow is ONE.

Energetically this means that lightness and heaviness all comes from ones inner feelings, all your thoughts, from all your choices, all from how you chose to live, be and hold your power, your life, your integrity.

It is how one allows ones soul / true self to flow, freely or to be restricted by the small self / ego (fear).

  • It is all energy - Life force - consciously regenerating and expanding.
  • We are all conscious beings on a conscious planet, in a conscious universe / cosmos.

  • Allow yourselves to balance within ~ get to know who and what you truly are.
  • Get to know the connection with your true self and with Life Itself.
  • Get to know your sensitivity, your gut sense, it is the GPS required to regenerate all bodies physical, mental, emotional and to navigate this life with ease.

  • Allow your healing no matter what it takes, release your core wounds.
  • Get to know your inner super power of regeneration and come out in freedom, in wellbeing, its worth everything, it is your true power.

All this true magic, this beauty, this joy, this ease and wellbeing comes from your inner peace, the sacred space of self compassion and unconditional love that bubbles up inside and expands the heart into life.

Follow the hearts wisdom.

Know that anything can heal REGENERATE.

Love your Bodies (physical, mental, emotional & Spiritual) they are/ you are more amazing than you can imagine.

Spiritual = own your freedom, the freedom of your body, your health and wellbeing. Own the freedom of being responsible for all you add to,on and in your body, including the energy of the your thoughts and feelings that you choose to hold within you.

Thank your bodies for all that they do everyday.

Everyday say "Thank you body" and also daily: Thank yourself for being you.

If you want some support remembering your power, getting to know your super powers, how to regenerate, finding your wholeness and your self respect, feel free to get in touch e-mail us at

Love & Respect