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Food as Medicine the very best kind ~ To make one chocolate or a whole tray

Food as Medicine the very best kind ~ To make one chocolate or a whole tray : )

- the ingredients for this delicious and joyous medicine is below.

  • I just wanted to share first that having this chocolate / food as medicine prescription daily, in fact several times a day, has been one of the things that has helped andmost supporive of me and my extreme weight loss.

  • At my biggest I was about 34 stone/ 216 KG / 476.2 pounds 
  •  I’ve lost about 15-16 stone / 100 KG / 220 pounds with no effort at all by now
  • The weight is still dropping, while I enjoy every moment.
  • Weight that I did everything to loose, but could not for decades due to not having dealt with the major stress in my life and the emotional traumas that caused it.

Love & Respect


Food is medicine, the very best kind.

- the ingredients in this delicious and joyous medicine is :

Chocolate Recipe:


  • I table spoon        or          300ml Organic coconut oil
  • 1 table spoon      or           4 topped ~ organic raw cacao

Vegan version take:

  • 1 teaspoon          or           4 TS or to taste ~ dates / date spread

Date Spread: Blend dates and warm water to a paste, we always add some cinnamon, as we like the combination and always have some ready in the fridge.)

Non Vegan:
I have to admit we use organic fair trade and ethically sourced wild forest honey at times, it is an awesome medicine. + it is supporting the environment, the bees and the bee keepers. (Source your products well.)

~ our human microbiome is extremely grateful for this honey, in between.

This chocolate mix is as far as I am concerned the very best of gut-health and food as medicine you can get.

+ it is SO YUMMY

Daily enjoyment, with no guilt only pleasure.

You can add things to your own preference and tastes too:

  • We love fresh ginger, finely chopped and just ever so slightly fried on low heat, for less than a minute, in a little coconut oil – add this to the other coconut oil and make as below.
  • We also as mentioned above we love vanilla – but we only use real vanilla pods – we add about 1/3 (sometimes ½ depending on size) of a pod to a large portion. It is easiest to add this in the coconut oil, ten the rest of the ingredients.
  • You can also choose to add a pinch of Himalayan or sea salt, pinch of chilli, a drop of organic peppermint essential oil and have after dinner mints : )
  • Also almond or peanut butter makes good combinations...PLAY have fun.

Most importantly ENJOY.

We always make a full tray ; )

  • Once mixed put it in the fridge for 30 min or so,till they firm up.

if you make a few keep them in the fridge, or they will melt (in summer) / go soft in winter : )



+ here lots of awesome information from Andreas on all the health benefits of chocolate and the other ingredients + more how toos from an earlier blog of Andreas's

Also a quick link to the video we made a year or so ago on you tube on how to make this chocolate  - step by step while having fun : )