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We are here to live to be whole and live with self respect in our own power

We are here to live to be whole and live with self respect, self-respectfully in our own power which is love - unconditionally and compassionately.

We are here to live, not the opposite, which is not to live – evil which is live read/spelt backwards – now is that just a word game or manipulation of energy, a trick in the game of Power Over Others (POO) for self limitations.

The evil on this planet, are the lies, the manipulations that has people in fear and thus not living nor owning their own power.

Look at the word live - mirror it, and it is - evil - which equates with "fear" - this is the main manipulation in the very dark - "black magic" power game / vampirism, if that is what you choose to call it, the fear and competition based  POO "Power Over Other" Games.

The biggest trick is that there is only free will / the personal choice of where and with what you place your power. Do you give your power away to the manipulations of fearmongering and other peoples dramas and the demands of bling and advertising ?

If so you live in a drama /power struggle, through other peoples ideas and what they choose.

In truth there is no evil – only a choice of participation through fear in pain and suffering. This choice harms one’s very own true self. By doing this one gives away focus on all the positive and amazing things that make life worth living and ones personal power.

This is throwing ones power to live, to feel alive and being full with life force energy and to know how to stand in your own power away.

Not to really live - is the true evil. The "evil game" / the " power over others game" - is designed to get people to give away their personal power and the connection to the Source of it.

The power which is life, is the free flow of life(force)power.

Life - life(force)power is what what we are here on this planet to truly experience in physical form, it is what we all truly are, in oneness with, and fully connected to the Source of all that is/ the Source of life(force)power.

Life - life(force)
power is what you truly are - this is wholeness which radiates all wisdom and knowledge into the physical through our powerful hearts.

Fear is selling your life , giving your life away - it is a choice of cutting yourself off from your full and whole self. By wallowing inside of yourself  with "man made and mind based fears", which is the only evil. You feel then like a numbed zombie trapped within fear bubble as you allowed all this fearmongering and manipulations to trap you in that bubble.

Manipulations and fearmongering, which are designed for exactly that, keeping your energy at rock bottom and in fear / powerlessness !

Everyone has the power to be free from all that suffering and to truly live in ones own wholeness, ones own power. to live in and with the full and free flowing connection to life(force)
power - to life - to Ones higher self and to source of all that is.

Being one with your higher self is your wholeness, your power.

In this we are one - true self in connected life power, in wholeness, in life, in unconditional love and flowing compassion.

Staying in the feeling good energy, in the high vibration and loving frequencies of that is paramount for what we all came here to live: To flow with, to enjoy the ease and wellbeing off life, good health, while getting to know this physical life, nature and beauty.

Keeping the energy, frequencies and vibrations high (appreciation, joy, love, peace) is done in and with your own free will, your own integrity, your own wholeness to and within yourself and to all that is.

However remember that this is the strength of your freedom of choice. This freedom of choice is yours and each and every ones power - respecting that freedom of choice, yours and others freedom of choice is paramount.

Respecting your self, your soul, your connection to all is, to creation - Respecting your co-creation essential.

Be aware: That all are so free, they may choose not to live but to participate in the "evil game" of fear and bondage, of pain and suffering. Respecting the freedom of choice of those that forcefully choose fear and bondage, is not always easy, but it is essential. This is also the letting go of "wanting to be right" rather than "to be happy".

Dropping the old energy game /programme / belief system of having to be helpful or "rescuing" someone (saviour syndrome + Stockholm syndrome) is just going down in the quagmire in the drama - addiction and drama co-addiction. 

Drama addiction and drama co-addiction is the psychological root cause of all addictions, which is the continuation of suffering. (however this is a big topic on it's own and we will get back to it in the future.)

You can be free – when you stand in your own power ! 


It is essential to let all choices, of all beings, be as they choose - the density of that energy is a match only onto itself - it is an inner choice to be disconnected from ones own power and wholeness - it can not be "fixed" from the outside. 

Standing in your power is an inside job.

You can only teach by your own example.

Be your power, shine your wellbeing, your good health, your joy – be the best that you can be, fore you, that is the only way another can see and want better for themselves too.

The most powerful thing that anyone can do is to fully live, fully be in and of ones own power, be whole and always cherish, keep and nurture ones own true connection to ones higher self and to the Source of life (force) power - this wholeness can be seen and felt – it is shiny - in fact it is way beyond obvious to all that see and sense you.

The obviousness makes it easy for anyone to see, feel, sense and thus can choose to have that too.

How awesome is that anyone can choose to step out of the fear games, let go and process their own fears, thus setting themselves free to be whole too.

Everyone has power – it is and always was within you, it was just forgotten for a while.

If you want some support remembering your wholeness, your power, your self respect, feel free to get in touch e-mail us at

Love & Respect