Empowerment through Lifestyle Design and Mindful Awareness ~ with a four leaf clover challenge

Daily #empowerment through #nature and mindful #awareness

Having spent quite some time on the "spiritual mountain top" the awareness as well as the answers to the most awesome questions are always present.

To keep the focus in everyday, a little bit fun, we thought that during our #mindfulness walks we would find daily four petalled clovers.

Well we did, and we do!

So we are wondering whether to do a 30, 90 or even a 365 day challenge of #fourleafclover with a different picture of our clovers daily along with insights from our life, work and the blessings that all that is.

Having cured myself of #ms and some severe thyroid issues + a severe weight gain, something I could not loose no matter what I did (the something, included becoming a nutritionist and a yoga teacher.)

Then eventually with Andreas’s help and input we found the right keys to permanent sustainable, natural, healthy, weight lost and a massive amount of weight (140kg/308 pounds/ 22 stone) came off.

Yet there is still a fair bit more weight to come off, and it is, with daily home made chocolate as medicine, the weight is coming off with no effort, just joy.

Are you interested in wellness?

Want to join us for the journey?

The blog about it all, will start right here from our website/blog at heartcloudconsultants.com in a few days.