Extreme Weighloss and keeping it permanently off, with JOY, Food and Chocolate as medicine

Long term weight loss maintenance / keeping weight balanced for life after weight loss is something only 0.3% of people are able to achieve with all the diets and tools out there in "mainstream land".

Extreme weight loss and KEEPING it off. This my / Marianne's great beneficial long term and lasting "side effect" of living a life with our beautiful easy joyful health and wellbeing solutions.

The excellent extra benefit / side effect to our programmes and tools, was a massive weight loss. At my biggest I marianne was 34 stone/ 216 KG / 476.2 pounds - she has lost about 20 stone / 127 KG / 280 pounds with no effort, only joy and ease and the weight is still coming off.

Our self made Chocolate as Medicine!  Is ONE small part of the precious "natural" food and more as medicine that has been a tremendous benefit to my extreme weight loss.

We have been making our own chocolate for a while now and it is awesome.

YIP you read that right, weight loss by eating chocolate how awesome is that. Coconut oil and cocoa + spices and much joy and great ease and all because my best health became my best choice and most yummy choice I have to say.
  • Food as Medicine the very best kind ~ To make one chocolate or a whole tray : )

- the ingredients for this delicious and joyous medicine is below. 


  • First I wanted to share a few things that having this chocolate / food as medicine prescription daily, has been one of the things that has helped my extreme weight loss. 

  •  Especially with added ginger or some natural vanilla pod.
  • Do not under any circumstances ever use fake vanilla (vanillin) which is made from ligninsulforicacid, which is a waste product from the paper industry, that will damage DNA and is a cancerogenic.
  • This awesome daily medicine food has also helped in KEEPING off the weight.
  • Most amazingly it still keeps coming off.
  • This weight loss is a great, beneficial, long term and lasting "side effect" of living a life with our beautiful easy joyful health and wellbeing solutions.

A side effect to our programmes, solutions and tools I had never dreamt off. I was working on clearing acute long-term inflammation in my body along with varying diagnostic labels and mystery diseases.

I/we did that and my body just started balancing itself. The more pleasurable, enjoyable and easy I found eating, food and life, the more the weight just kept dropping off.

  • At my biggest I was about 34 stone/ 216 KG / 476.2 pounds - I’ve lost about 20 stone / 127 KG / 280 pounds with no effort at all by now and it is still dropping, while I enjoy every moment.

 I have also found real pleasure and joy in food for the fist time in my life. Something I know you can too. 

The first step is just choosing that you want that for you.

  • The weight that was held for decades in my case was I eventually found due to stress and emotional traumas. Weight that I did everything to loose, but could not for decades due to not having dealt with the major stress in my life and the emotional traumas that caused it.
  • I also followed for way to long the wrong "medical" and "nutritional" as wall as "exercise" advice. 
  • Wrong advice which for me was started by being taken to weight watchers at the tender age of 8, by a drama addicted family embers, mother and sister who had their own severe body issues, although neither of them were in any way fat, or even big. Just addicted to the drama, the body shaming cults /main stream media's propaganda.
  • Also I followed the wrong advice by studying medical Nutrition and implementing it in my life, it turned out that it was part of the same mainstream cult of POO - Power Over Others, the same victim /aggressor cycles of Abuse that we all know well from psychology. the same addiction / co-addiction programmes that keep people as slaves to lies, deceit, propaganda.
  • All of which keeps you so busy with the outside of yourself stuff, that you do not honour nor respect yourself enough to look inside, . as looking inside in blessing yourself with the choices to heal the wounds that cause the pain
Before this regeneration, feeling good and loving life, before Andreas and his beautiful amazing science based wisdom, turned my “Medical Nutritionist beliefs”, were nothing worked, completely up side down by his input.
Andreas input and the dots he had connected to knowledge I already had, but had completely in the wrong context and understandings was mind blowing. 
I was eating like a sparrow and card board foods at that. All seriously unsatisfactory, but I did as the medical books and what I thought were nutritional experts said to do. 
I even tried 70% raw vegan for 5 years in combination with becoming a yoga teacher and I did not loose an ounce, just kept having severe reactions and extreme and very painful water imbalances amongs a lot more, covered under the labels of "autoimmune disorders" "mystery illnessess" and more.

Throwing out old all those outdated belief systems, including my Nutrition Certification / Diploma, was and is the best thing I ever did for me. 
The Diploma in Nutrition I found out that the teachings behind it, allI had learnt was influenced solely by the sugar, food and pharmasutical industries. All to fit industry standards Standards, or rather double standards that cause actual harm to out planet and our bodies. The only thing these standards doo is serving and caring for the industry owners CEO's and other representatives of these businesses finances. 
  • Looking at everything with new, fresh eyes, good emotions, heart and mind, has been priceless, life changing and all for the very very best.
  • Your body comes with all the natural life support, wellbeing, an excelent immune system - this is what you are born with. Keep it natural and this is what you will always have. (Add things /chemicals / thoughts even that harm that precious balance and ouch ..... )
  • These amazing bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Sspiritual meaning self ownership - Sovereignty - the magnificent fredom of personal responsibility and with great awareness chooising for yourself, for your good health, your wealth, your joy, your ease.
  • It is extremely important that you take complete and fully aware personal responsibility for all that you choose to put in and on your bodies, because al that you choose will either do you good or it will harm you.
  • If you want to know more about how I did it, check our  "Weight Solutions" + if you want to have sustainable, easy and delicious solutions for yourself, get in touch.

Love & Respect

Food is medicine, the very best kind.
- the ingredients in this delicious and joyous medicine is :

Chocolate Recipe:

I table spoon or 300ml Organic coconut oil

1 table spoon or 4 topped ~ organic raw cacao

Vegan version take:

1 teaspoon or 4 TS or to taste ~ dates / date spread

(blend dates and warm water to a paste, we always add some cinnamon, as we like the combination and always have some ready in the fridge.)

or - I have to admit we use organic fair trade and ethically sourced wild forest honey at times, it is an awesome medicine. + it is supporting the environment, the bees and the bee keepers. (Source your products well.)

~ our human microbiome is extremely grateful for this honey, in between.

This chocolate mix is the very best of gut-health and food as medicine .

+ it is SO YUMMY

Daily enjoyment, with no guilt only pleasure.

You can add things to your own preference and tastes too:

  • We love fresh ginger, finely chopped and just ever so slightly fried on low heat, for less than a minute, in a little coconut oil – add this to the other coconut oil and make as below.
  • We also as mentioned above we love vanilla – but we only use real vanilla pods – we add about 1/3 (sometimes ½ depending on size) of a pod to a large portion. It is easiest to add this in the coconut oil, ten the rest of the ingredients.
  • You can also choose to add a pinch of Himalayan or sea salt, pinch of chilli, a drop of organic peppermint essential oil and have after dinner mints : )
  • Also almond or peanut butter makes good combinations...PLAY have fun.

Most importantly ENJOY.

We always make a full tray ; )

Once mixed put it in the fridge for 30 min or so,till they firm up.

if you make a few keep them in the fridge, or they will melt (in summer) / go soft in winter : )

+ A little extra:
Here is a link to a lots of awesome information from Andreas on all the health benefits of chocolate and the other ingredients and how toos.

Also here is a quick link to a video on you tube we made a few years ago on how to make this chocolate step by step