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The essence of nature is cooperation and harmony ~ the choice of Wellbeing over the harm of fear

The essence of nature is cooperation and harmony.This is when everyone stays fully in its/his/her own natural power,choose to be and live as their true connected selves and live their real connection to Source/ Life /All that IS.

That is natural law, through the cycles or birth blossoming death and rebirth, such is the power of life ♡ 

The power of wellbeing (high energy) or pain (low energy), fully in ones own power of choice / what one gives space to in ones thoughts and feelings.

Some humans (men/women) however gave up this precious connection to their own true power. Playing out this "lack consciousness" and "competitive / backstabbing shark consciousness" out through the dysfunctional game of "power over others", "mine is better than yours", through warmongering and fearmongering to get others to give their power away.

Fear is the worst virus, it is depressive and thoroughly harmful.

The illusion of having to compete, and/or live in "fear" = STRESS to survive. This lingers through the taking power by force. Also giving ones power away to those that buy his/her small selves/egos, those that buy wars, buy pain and so on. 

 This is the choice of suffering through the acceptance as truth, the manipulations and forced belief in lack. Which is the BS (=belief systems) that are untrue and that cause unnecessary suffering and self harm!

Well such is chosen ignorance anyway !

Humanity is awakening, such is the nature of nature - change.

We are the Magi !
We are the Love !
We are the change, that we want to see in the world !

WE choose what we give our power to : 

The competitive fear illusion of the greed /lack consciousness ... Stress, pain and suffering, basically slavery.


Wellbeing, freedom, Sovereignty ~ owning ones own body, mind, heart, feelings, being ones true, whole self.

The Natural Law of Life = the Unconditional Love that brings and is unity, sharing, togetherness PEACE. EASE, JOY FREEDOM. ♡

The natural way is BEing our POWER, our GOOD HEALTH, the WEALTH of our own WELLBEING. This awesome, amazing, regenerative life-power, is already right inside of each and every one, it is just to connect to it fully.

Conscious CREATORS and CO-CREATORS on this wondrous, beautiful and amazing Earth Journey.

As the Dalai Lama said: "The more motivated you are by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be".

TRUTH & Unconditional LOVE:
Seek it - Speak it - Expect it - Respect it - LIVE it !

We are FREE - We are LOVE - just LIVE ♡

Love & Respect